As a photojournalistic photographer who gets a complete thrill out of capturing people and emotion, my focus is firmly on taking beautiful and meaningful photos of a wedding day as it unfolds. The greatest pictures are those that tell a story and, more often than not, these are moments which would happen even if the camera wasn't there. Upon request, a handful of lineup shots can be taken as I totally appreciate for some this is very valuable but, as I say to all enquirers, if you want to dedicate a big part of the day to this endeavour then I'm not the man for the job! Any formal photos that are required are carefully planned beforehand to ensure they can be done at a lively pace so the couple, their families and the wedding party can get on with enjoying the awesomeness of the day. 

I thrive on taking pictures which bask in the celebration, joy and deep feeling of all aspects of a wedding day -  the nerves of getting ready, the emotion and significance of the ceremony, the embarrassment and (hopefully) laughter of the speeches, right through to the evening shenanigans where people who have hair let it down, and those that don't have fun too. 

One photo specific element I often incorporate into the day is the entirely optional 'couple walk', where the couple go for a 20 minute stroll and I take pictures as they roam. This is not a 2 hour 'stand like this and gaze into the distance whilst balancing your newlywed on a champagne glass' sessionbut rather a brief chance for two people who have just got married to spend a tiny amount of time together to celebrate what they've done without any pressure to have polite conversation or pose for their 400th iPhone picture. The hope is that there will be some laughter and a good dose of loving to capture which, coupled with carefully chosen surroundings, makes for stunning images.



My standard package encompasses the entire wedding day and, ideally, the day before for the rehearsal. This gives me a chance immerse myself in the location and atmosphere of the wedding, but also allows me to meet the families and VIP's involved in the wedding day. Both these elements ensure that the images are even more personal and special and I leave a wedding having made friends rather than being 'that pesky photographer'.

Full day wedding packages include the following:

  • Pre wedding meet up and consultation (engagement shoots aren't my jam, sorry)

  • Rehearsal attendance (where possible)

  • Capture of wedding day from bridal prep through to late night dancing (photographers should never leave after the first dance)

  • Provision of 300+ hi-resolution digital images within approximately 12 weeks of the wedding (Note: provision can be quicker/longer depending on the season, but always as quickly as possible!)

  • Private password protected online gallery of images for family, friends and guests

As part of my standard wedding package you get as much of me as you can handle, but in some scenarios you may deem it appropriate for me to have an extra pair of hands. For larger weddings or just added peace of mind, I have a trusty team of highly skilled assistant camera ninjas which can be added to the mix for some additional hard earned pennies

Important note: I do offer a discounted rate for international weddings. The rate is dependant on a number of factors but please get in touch as being an international man of mystery is wildly appealing.  I'm fortunate enough to hold both UK and US passports, so stateside weddings are a dream. 

Want more info? Send me a postcard, telegram or pop me an email here.


Yeslots. Weddings are my primary means of photographic activity (in the public eye at least),  but I take lots of images of families, kids, bands and general life. Street photography is my favourite thing and a definite 'area for expansion' over the coming year. In addition to photos I also make videos and hope to expand my offering on this front before I'm really old.


Born, raised and nurtured in the sleepy English village of Liss - conveniently nestled between the cultural cold spots of Portsmouth and Guildford - I boarded the photography express in 2012 when a friend who had seen pictures I had taken of my family said "I want your photos at my wedding". Reluctantly agreeing, I took up the challenge to transfer my penchant for snapping humans that were related to me to the rather higher profile setting of the English wedding.  Unsure of how my style would translate, I was taken firmly aback when I had what I would later consider to be 'fun'. 

In the words of my New Yorker Mother,  I take "timeless and beautiful images at weddings and on street corners (and in-between street corners) across the world". In the words of my Father, one of the lesser spotted 'hippies from Croydon', my photographs are "alright, I guess, but they'd be much better if I listened to more bluegrass".  

Since that first wedding in October 2012, my love for taking photos of people who want moments captured has landed me in the highly fortunate position of being able to do it most of the time.  In 2013 I left the warm embrace of my brother's web design and development business (if you need a website, use them now - www.swerveconcepts.com) and went Han Solo with my Seth Baines Photovideo. endeavour. I am privileged to have travelled up and down this lush and pleasant land as well as to capture a number of weddings in America, Italy and Cyprus. 

When not involved in photographic activity, I can be found watching the New York Knicks lose, listening to Tom Waits and masterminding DJ names such as Argentina Turner, Madonna Kebab and Vaseline Dion. I also became an uncle for the first time to Coen Jesse Baines who, at the time of writing, looks like this: