The astute visitors among you may notice that it says 'Photovideo' in the header. One will find, however, after a brisk meander meander through the sites content, that there is very little by way of video on this www. Lots of still pictures, but not many moving ones. What is interesting (admittedly only to me) is that it is video that  started this whole "using cameras in exchange for potatoes and/or golden coins ($)" game. My first ever use of a DSLR was to create a video with my rascal man-babe friend Pascal for a song of my brothers called 'Smoke & Wine'. This maiden voyage into video was proceeded by further visual disasterpieces of varying quality, right up until I realised that my camera could also be used to take photographs. 

Since the discovery of the photo function, it's accurate to say that video has been photography's neglected elder brother. Some small scale videos have been made, but photos have definitely been the breadwinner.  It is the capturing of people at weddings (not literally) that has enabled me to transition from my brothers monumental web design company (thanks Jess,  seriously,  check them here) into full time self-employed photography man-human.  Since my first official booking in April 2013 I've done around 40 weddings and loved each one (more thoughts/opinions on this realm to follow), but over time a small rumbling has grown ever louder inside me.  Although initial self-diagnosis indicated trapped wind, it was in fact a desire to be involved in making another video, which is where my brothers band Flight Brigade re-entered the frame. 

Flight Brigade are a seven piece band made up of people I love who do music well. My brother writes the songs and sings,  my sister-in-law plays accordion, sings and keeps the FB ship afloat, and her sister Dorry plays the violin like an absolute superfreak (a term of endearment for someone who is mind blowingly awesome). The remaining four  members are long term homies:  I live with  Ginger Ninja guitarist Tom 'I hate dressing gowns' Pink. I worked for years with Jonny 'The Wizard' Barker. I photographed Neil 'descant recorders are sinful' Blandford's wedding, and I grew up on the same road as Tom 'Seth you look like Tom Hanks in Castaway' Clay. In short, all of the people who are in the band are either like family or literally are my family. 

Regarding the topic of video, Ollie had written a new song about being in a relationship with someone with a mental illness - right up my alley as I am a person what suffered from depression for many years (do email me if you are such a person - it's good to talk) and the band wanted a motion picture to accompany it.   In response to the 'trapped wind' rumbling which was calling for a return to moving image, myself and the aforementioned Pascal volunteered our services to film and direct a little something.   The timing was ripe to say the least, as soon after the songs penning we were approached by a friend who had recently got into flying things around with cameras on.  This in itself was great,  but even greater was that he doesn't just look like Wolf from Gladiators,  I'm convinced he actually is Wolf from Gladiators.   Soon after meeting in December of 2013 we began filming 'Housefire' and the resurgence of the neglected older brother was in motion.

Skip forward just over a year and 1x brain surgery later, and a video of note has actually been created. It was directed and shot by myself and Pascal, but it was the hard work and perseverance of many great humans that meant it actually got made and you can actually now watch it. I've listed the people responsible for the project below and ask that, whether you know them or not,  you hunt them down and say 'well done good and faithful servant'. Once you've done this, lightly rub their belly, give them a Chinese burn and run off abruptly singing the Baywatch theme tune.  To watch the video click on the big old button below.  Once you've watched it please do all the things that people say you should do when you've watched something- post it, like it and share it on anti-social media, then watch again to check whether you actually think it's any good.

There it is. A return to the video sphere for sethbaines.com via a music video which was made by a host of wonderful people, a slightly worrying number who are related to each other. I won't pretend for a moment that it wasn't an absolute butt load of work because it was, but that's fine because we did it. We made a video. I haven't watched it since it's been released because it makes my head hurt and I'll pick it apart like an ice cream stick after a mint magnum, but I'm proud of what we did.  Some day soon I'm sure I'll sit down with a nice glass of cheap orange squash and some Asda replica Twiglets and say 'Nice one. Let's shoot the next one entirely indoors, or just use a montage of donkeys smoking '.  

I realise that by copying and pasting from the actual credits I'm giving license for anyone to also inflict pain on me, but the people to give chinese burns to are as follows: 

  • Filmed and Directed  by Seth Baines and Pascal Hughes
  • Aerial footage pilot: Ian Hunter
  • Additional aerial footage: Ollie Denny
  • Visual compositing: Nick D'aguiar
  • Editor: Seth Baines
  • Primary location scout: Pascal Hughes
  • Web design & development: Swerve Concepts
  • Photography: Seth Baines
  • Cast: Oliver Baines, Dorry Macaulay, Jonny Barker, Thomas Pink, Tom Clay, Neil Blandford, Miriam Baines 
  • Extra special thanks: Jesse Baines, Mimi & Pat Baines, Bridget & Jim Hughes, The Kirbys, Gione da Silva, Timmy Barker, Matt Winter & Family, RJ Macaulay, Sara Read, Isabelle Rodker and Mike Brear. 

As we shot in such beautiful places, it would have been criminal not to capture a few still pictures of the journey. Here's a small selection for your perusal.