As a general rule, the weddings I capture take place in buildings or structures which have seen weddings before (churches, marquees, wedding venues, etcetera).  Miles and Eli chose to laugh in the face of convention and, by the sweat of their own brows and the grease of their own elbows, turn an underground storage vault into a reception space.  The church crypt in the heart of London town is being turned into a restaurant in future times, so the the soon to be bride and groom cleared it, scrubbed it, and adorned it to accommodate their very own marital extravaganza.  I for one thought they absolutely smashed it. 

As an aside, my brother Jess DJ'd as he often does when people want to wiggle to high quality audio, and you'll see from the snaps that boy did people wiggle.  Hit me up if you'd like to see same outcome at your wedding or bingo night.  Miles and Eli thank you - that was amazing.  Evidence below. 

Seth!! These photos are absolutely unbelievable and bring back so many fantastic memories which we’ll treasure forever. We are so glad you enjoyed the wedding itself and editing it too! We had a ridiculous amount of fun and by the looks of the pictures, everyone else did as well! It’s great to see all the aspects of the day which we didn’t get to see in person. You were a joy to have around as a photographer on the day but more so as a great new friend.
— Miles & Eli