As a photographer of matrimonies, a common question posed to me is "don't you miss your weekends"? The answer is not really. The reason being that even though I am working most weekends, I get to spend time with incredible people. If my wedding approach was to turn up on the morning of the wedlock and leave at the earliest opportunity, then I sure as day would miss my weekends, but I get to make friends for a job and meet high quality free-range humans. 

In June 2014 I had the complete honour of heading Stateside to capture the nuptials of Nick and Katrina, a positively incredible couple who I met at the D.C wedding of their friends Will and Bekah (who I love in extortionate amounts). The best weddings are those where I get to hang out with the couple and their families + friends in the build up. This was one of those. We even got to watch England lose in the World Cup the day before. Lame. 

The wedding itself was right up my street - all about the people and celebration rather than formality, straight up moment capturing instead of lots of standing in a line posing like plankton. The fine weather allowed for a beautiful outside ceremony, the centerpiece of which was a stunning wooden arbour crafted by the hands of none other than groom-in-chief Nick 'many skills' Wilson.  What made the day extra special for me was that there were a bunch of peeps present who I had met at my previous US wedding.  Seeing these folk again made me question again why I don't utilise my American passport more. 

The wedding was incredible. Nick and Katrina are amazing and win first prize in 'couple I would choose to watch dance with each other'.  I love them and hope to visit them someday in their native land. Here are a small selection of snaps from their day of fun. More American weddings? Yes please.

Photographer: Seth Baines

Assistant: Sara Read (= babe)

Location: Rocklands Farm, Poolesville, Maryland (more info here)