During my recent trip to the US I had the pleasure of staying with a couple of friends who happened to live but a few minutes from the bride whose wedding I was in Washington D.C to photograph. My buddy Lars (who affectionately referred to me as 'Brains') and his dear wife Jane put me up for a week and even blessed me with a deluxe double airbed with built in headboard.  As one who has never been very good at the old sleeping game, that week was a revelation and I z'd like a champion. 

One morning while they were both at work I got to hang out with their beautiful little girl Claire while she was looked after by Jane's sister. I took the opportunity to teach her some of my best faces and she even taught me a few of her own. While my faces will remain only in the memory of 'baby Claire' (as Lars calls her), hers have been immortalised below. Thank you Lars, Jane and baby Claire. - you guys made my stay comfortable, slumberful, and joyous. See in June for my D.C wedding number two. 

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