Recent meandering into the world of wedding photography has rendered my live music attendance at a 10 year low. With a rare weekend at my disposal I took the first steps to rectifying this with a trip to a night called 'Feastival' which took place in a beautiful candlelit church in Fulham. The basic deal was people came and ate food, drank drinks and watched/listened to a plethora of wonderful musical endeavours. Each act was complimented by a set of visuals put together by themselves in tandem with event organiser Phil Dunn. 

Having dabbled in band management and attending more than my fair share of gigs where the venue and/or promoters have little interest in the band or the quality of the gig going experience, it was breath of fresh non-London air to have a night run so well by people who give a big damn. Unfortunately I missed opening act Wednesday Costa but was comforted by the fact I had already seen her give a sterling performance during the ceremony at my first official wedding photography gig in April last year. 

The subsequent acts were phenomenal. Idiot Songs got my vote with their strong nods to Dostoevsky, Dancing Years filled the place with beautiful arrangements and a captivating vocal performance, and Flight Brigade, rounded things off, kicked everyone's ass with a unique brand of arena worthy melodious rock with enough energy to power a small country.   Whilst I spent most of the evening enjoying the music I did take a few snaps as a memento of the evening which are below. A big well done to all involved in putting the night together - it was a roaring success and a winning formula for sure. 


Oh, and here's a wee live video I made back in the day for Flight Brigade. Exciting things are afoot in the production of a new video, but for now let's enjoy something from the archives: