People from the United Kingdom around my age (an undisclosed figure between 9 and 60) may well remember the band Turin Brakes. I do. I owned one of their compact discs when compact discs were the means by which you listened to music. Two weeks ago I discovered they were still in operation and that my brother's band Flight Brigade were supporting them on two tour dates - Bristol and Deal, Kent. On saturday I travelled to Deal via the train network and was about 60% amused to find that the stop after Deal is called Sandwich, therefore if you travel the other direction the guard announces a Sandwich Deal.

The gig itself was a belter and I was the photographer for the occasion. Here's some of what I saw including a little video slideshow I put together for Turin Brakes to the title track of their new album called 'We Were Here'. The only other thing to say about the experience is that Turin Brakes are a thoroughly lovely bunch of people who, if you meet, you should speak to in a friendly manner and congratulate them on their longevity and musical niceness.